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Why Burrus Development?

Sustainability Logic at the Forefront

Each aspect of your organization is interlinked with sustainability. Today, selling the business case for sustainability is not sufficient. In order to create lasting value organizations are required to embrace sustainability logic. 

Burrus Development offers a unique holistic approach by transforming your organization into a sustainable one, creating shared value for both people and the planet. 

Where the Passion Begins

Inès is the co-founder of Equal Profit™

The First Sustainable Pricing Model

Equal Profit means that profit is distributed in a way that is proportional to the effort that each actor puts into the global supply chain. This effort is measured as a function of costs/risks borne by each actor. The principle is simple: the more you contribute, the more you deserve to earn.


Collective Intelligence


Dr. Inès Burrus

CEO & Founder

Inès started her career in the Sustainable Agriculture department of Nestlé. She rolled out pilot projects in various coffee and cocoa origins such as Côte d'Ivoire and Vietnam. This was followed by an experience in Public Affairs managing global partnership at the corporate level.

Sponsored by Nestlé, Nespresso and ECOM Agroindustrial, she then pursued a PhD programme in Economics with a specialization in Management at HEC Lausanne, Switzerland in the department of Strategy, Globalization and Society. Her research focuses on how to make farming attractive to youth. She conducted case studies in Brazil and Paraguay.  

Inès holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and two Master’s degrees, in Sustainable Resource Management and Real Estate and International Asset Engineering. 

She has also developed an expertise in sustainable and impact finance and its applications to agriculture and Millennials.

Inès is a multilingual professional and is fluent in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and German. 

References can be provided upon request.

A network of experts

Unleash the power of the collective

Burrus Development brings the expertise of a network of professionals to help you develop solutions for thriving in the future.

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